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December 2005
Painting: Oil on Acrylic on Canvas 72” X 102”, Installation with Buckets, painting tools, stand oil, Peruvian Mask.

Description: This painting refers to the beheadings in Baghdad, by Al Qaida and other extremist groups in Iraq. This painting/installation uses language of painting and in particular that of my History/Fiction series.
Although the angle I was looking at the issue of; violently imposed upon, change and consequences of this; in a dictatorship and in a repressive religious environment, may be too complex for, painting. Yet in the era of digital fluencies, unlimited potential of painting as a language proves it self.

At the beginning of the exhibition, three buckets were placed on the bottom right side of the painting, A very heavy mix of crimson tinted stand oil was poured on the top right of the painting which dripped it’s way down to buckets, but this process took more then two weeks and was not completed for well over three weeks...slowly moving surface of the painting bringing uncommon immediacy to the piece.

The raised ridges depict many repetitions of a 16th century Ottoman tile design, and the superimposed imagery of the same design depicting the flat imagery buckling and turning Into a three dimensional cubist rendering. (Two Rivers Series)

Thus the work finds it self as: Concept based, History related abstract painting relating to (As opposed to dealing with!) contemporary issues.